Wednesday 15th April 2015: Does Scrooge MacDuck speak Scots?

Does Scrooge MacDuck speak Scots?

Writer of this question: I salute you.

I was going to leave it at that, but then I looked up Mr McDuck himself and found it’s not such a daft question after all. In the below interpretation of economics (I wish Andrew Neil had more small ducks going ‘Gee, a billion?’) he does use a couple of Scots constructions: ‘fowks’ (maybe more US with the addition of the ‘s’), ‘aye’ and ‘d’ye ken?’. He’s also got a fair sprinkling of Irish vowel sounds ‘gat’ for ‘get’ and ‘boodgeting’ for ‘budgeting’, so maybe he’s Glasgow Irish?

NB. I had genuinely no idea that Scrooge McD was supposed to be Scottish when I watched the programme as a kid. Ditto the chicken, Clucky, from Disney’s Robin Hood who, it turns out, is straight from Morningside/Kelvinside.


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